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The Binge
 I've been drinking a bit more this week than I usually do. After I collapse onto my bed watching the walls sway back and forth, I bring my hands close to clutch my stomach telling my self too never drink that much again. I wake up hung over, lay in bed for sometime, then go off to work with my headache. The day feels long and all I could think of is how I don't want to be there working. I want to be out in the world having a good time with my friends, meeting people, and making new exciting memories. 
I told my self that I deserve a drink after finishing the shift at my shitty job so I decide to call my friend up asking if he wants to go to a bar. Of course he does so we set off to go drinking.
I decided to go more easy on my kidneys by only having a couple long island ice teas which was very delicious. Some how after that I ended up drink five tall Blue Moons on draft. The DJ, whom went by the name as DJ Swallows, was playing horrible music so we decided to go back to my friends house to listen to records on his new turn table. On the way back we stopped at the gas station to buy more beer splitting a couple six packs while we kicked back listing to tunes.
When we got to his house his girlfriend came to visit. I just sat there listening as they argued about baby names and the meaning behind them if they ever had a child. For some reason his girlfriend was very gassy and after awhile I couldn't put up with her farting constantly. It sounded like a mini trumpet going off every five minutes so I decided to go home. The next thing I remember was waking up with a pocket full of broken half smoked cigarettes and a headache.


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