Writer's Block: Stories of old
I've always liked Grendel from the poem Beowulf cause it never fully explains what exactly he is but is known to have the strength to rip a man in two.

The Remakes of all Remakes
I don't understand why there are so many remakes or why they would need to remake a movie that is already amazing. For example, why would they need to remake Let the Right One In when that was already a fantastic lil film? I'm surprised Tim Burton hasnt remade the Wizard of Oz by now.
Here's a thought, how about we make good remakes of bad movies.

Writer's Block: School days
Do you think kids should learn about sex in school, and why?

Yes because some parents feel uncomfortable and don't know how to bring the subject up to kids.

Writer's Block: Love isn't easy
What's the worst thing you ever did to a partner during the course of a relationship? Did you ever move beyond it?

I guess losing interest in someone who really liked me.

The Binge
 I've been drinking a bit more this week than I usually do. After I collapse onto my bed watching the walls sway back and forth, I bring my hands close to clutch my stomach telling my self too never drink that much again. I wake up hung over, lay in bed for sometime, then go off to work with my headache. The day feels long and all I could think of is how I don't want to be there working. I want to be out in the world having a good time with my friends, meeting people, and making new exciting memories. 
I told my self that I deserve a drink after finishing the shift at my shitty job so I decide to call my friend up asking if he wants to go to a bar. Of course he does so we set off to go drinking.
I decided to go more easy on my kidneys by only having a couple long island ice teas which was very delicious. Some how after that I ended up drink five tall Blue Moons on draft. The DJ, whom went by the name as DJ Swallows, was playing horrible music so we decided to go back to my friends house to listen to records on his new turn table. On the way back we stopped at the gas station to buy more beer splitting a couple six packs while we kicked back listing to tunes.
When we got to his house his girlfriend came to visit. I just sat there listening as they argued about baby names and the meaning behind them if they ever had a child. For some reason his girlfriend was very gassy and after awhile I couldn't put up with her farting constantly. It sounded like a mini trumpet going off every five minutes so I decided to go home. The next thing I remember was waking up with a pocket full of broken half smoked cigarettes and a headache.

Writer's Block: Around the world
If you won a trip to anywhere, where would you go, and why?

Any where with good beer.

How about some dessert?
 After working for a corporate owned music store for two years, I was pulled into the store office and let go. As I sat down looking at my boss whom was sitting behind his desk with his hands folded on top of each other, his reason for laying me off was, "We like to have people around who want to make something of them selves here. We want someone who wants to try and move up in this chain."
I sat there in silent thinking in awe because the reason I was not moving up was because my boss NEVER taught me anything. Not even one thing because he was busy being late to work (up to 30 minutes) every single day and going around during work hours playing guitar while talking about beer chicken and his fantasy baseball team.
Not able to find another job to pay for my rent, I moved back home with my parents. A few days after moving back I scored a job at a sub sandwich shop. Sure it's easy as shit work to do but I feel embarrassed to be making sandwiches while looking on the other side of the glass seeing the costumer driving their fancy car in for lunch while wearing their rich clothing and luxurious sports watch and here i am smelling like bread all day. The thing that baffles me the most is how rude these costumers could be. They complain, cuss, even throw their change at your face because the price was 40 cents more than they had expected or because their precious coupon was expired. It amazes me how upset people can be over a stupid sandwich.
Do people have common sense that well... the last person you really need to piss of is someone making your food? I've thought about tempering with some rat bastards food for being a dick to me before and I've even did it to people who'd deserve it. But there are people who go beyond who could poison your food making you very sick.
So in other words, be kind to your cook or waiter and the chances are you wont get your food fucked with.


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